Acoustic Summer 2017
August 19th 2017
Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf

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Wallis Bird

Home is where you feel safe. Wallis Bird, the Irish award-winning musician, has found her home. 600 shows over the last few years – and always with this incredible energy. Her home is so precious because she can take it with her wherever she goes. To the stages, the clubs, the whole wide world.
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Honig (solo)

There have been quite a few changes for Stefan Honig in the past years. He had originally conceived of HONIG as a solo project, but after his first two releases and more than 300 shows all over the world, Stefan and his fellow live musicians have turned into a fully formed band – everybody’s input ist valued. Since the Band is taking a break right now we’re looking forward to one of his now rare solo shows.
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Torpus and the Art Directors

It is already the second time that Torpus and the Art Directors are our guests. Simply because they are incredibly nice. And great. And because we still consider them to be one of the best German live bands.
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Rugged hand-made music with elements of Soul, Reggae, Folk, Funk, Rock, World music and music from Africa – Raoky combines all this for a journey full of fun, bliss and melancholy.
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The Lion and the Wolf

The Lion And The Wolf is treads quietly. His songs are delicate folk beauties, often sung with head voice and more gospel than pop. He never desperately tries to find the chorus that enthralls the masses, but the desire to hear the songs again and again arises on its own.
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Walking on Rivers

Their songs are rooted in American folk, but often evolve into catchy pop gems that open up into polyphonic arrangements and enrapture the listener. The longing packed into the songs is not only perfect for a healing trip into the wilderness, but also moments outside of the daily grind, a break from an unhappy relationship or for a short escape from society – all those things that keep us awake at night.
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Anna Katt

Minimalist, but gripping arrangements and the beautiful, clear voice of Kristina Lindberg. That is all you need. With “Till en vän” (For a friend), the trio has published its second album – full of melancholic yet encouraging ballads – after “blue or grey” in 2015 and the EP “pure” in 2014. With the power of her voice, Kristina Lindberg tells tales of life, expectations, disappointments and friendship.
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Music is the answer, but no one asked. Neither did the five friends from the far north who have just published an album. The result is rumbling folk – good and unhateable. These songs don’t make you sad, they gently push you off a cliff, yet catch you again half-way down
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With his songs, Jagular delights his audience by revealing the beauty of melancholy. The concept is ‘less is more’ – quiet sounds side with the silence of the room. The minimalist instrumentation and the emotional voice of the 29-year-old Jan Becker allows the audience to emotionally experience his songs.
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Ilka Lancelle

Influenced by the great singers and songwriters and inspired by the current sound of the Nu Folk genre, Ilka Lancelle’s voice shoots its way right into the hearts of her audience, along with her beautiful little songs. Melodies and lyrics full of emotion make every concert a rollercoaster ride between melancholy and joie de vivre – authentic and direct.


About the festival

Meeting point for soft sounds

The Acoustic Festival series in Düsseldorf is designed for friends of the softer sounds and deliberately lleaves out the electric guitars. In the spirit of handmade music, the Acoustic Festival celebrates and encourages the bridging of the gap between country and folk, pop and rock for unique live experiences and supports the exchange between international bands and singer-songwriters - from the established star of the genre to the promising up-and-coming talent. In winter, the festival regularly takes place at Haus der Jugend in Düsseldorf. In summer, the festival will be located on the premises of the Welkunstzimmer in Düsseldorf, with a roofed outdoor stage. After 10 p.m. the music continues indoor. In addition to the extraordinary scenery, outstanding musicians from the genres of folk, rock and pop guarantee an evening with a unique atmosphere.

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